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You can also add custom book cover and edit book’s metadata including name, author, and narrator.

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But some of them are entirely new Well, at least they are new to me and that’s the beauty of it.. That’s why it is going to be a long article as I am bringing a list of 35 best free apps you can get for your Mac right now.. Best Free Mac Apps You Should Install in 2020While most of the apps in this list are free, some of them offer a paid option.


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Some of the apps on this list are evergreen and you most probably already have them installed on your device.

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You can look at featured apps and different app categories by clicking one of the tabs at the left of the Mac App Store window.. No matter, how old an app is, it is new for somebody out there That said, no matter how avid a Mac user you are, I can bet that you will find new Mac apps in this article that you have never heard of before.. M4B is also the native format that Apple Books support If you want to keep your music library separate from the book library, this is the format to use.. Download Box apps on all your devices: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, for seamless collaboration and security that satisfies even the most regulated industries.

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I have been using this app for the past year and a half to listen to public domain audiobooks and lectures and it has never failed me.. Audiobook Binder is an app that lets you convert MP3 files into M4B files It also lets you bind multiple MP3 files into a single M4B file and converts those MP3 files into chapters.. 6 6 or later On this website, I have covered a ton of paid apps, and that’s because in general, paid apps tend to offer more when compared to free apps.. I am using free versions of all the apps (that offer paid options) and find them suitable for most users.. No app with a free trial or heavily restricted free tier has been included 1 Audiobook BinderWhile you can listen to books in MP3 format, I like the M4B format more as it supports chapters.. However, that does not mean that there are no good free apps out there In fact, there are a ton of them.. So, open your Macs and get ready to download these awesome free Mac apps Note: Be sure to read our must-have iPhone apps article to get the best apps for your iPhone in 2020.. Mac App Store is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac To download apps from the Mac App Store, you need a Mac with OS X 10.. That being said, when it comes to paid apps, I have only included those options that offer a generous free tier. 5ebbf469cd